I wanted to tell you how wonderful our video is! I have watched it at least a dozen times already and every time I need some tissues! Our whole family watched it and I have never seen a reaction like this one! Everyone was just stunned by our story that you put together in a memory that we will enjoy forever! At the end everyone was clapping and crying and now want you to do all of our occasions. Joe, we thank you a million times over for such a wonderful memory, you are truly a talent!
Tracy and Eric

Thank you so much for the fantastic job you did with our wedding video. I loved how you used music throughout to help capture the mood. Our family was very impressed and often said how different the video was from what they expected. Best of all, they hardly remember you being there! You captured all the details we worked so hard on, but best of all you captured the essence and emotion of the day!
Eric and Lynda

We just watched our video again and we still can't watch it with friends - we can't stop crying!
Michelle and Raj

I'd like to take this opportunity again to tell you how much we loved our wedding video. We were extremely impressed. It was just like watching real shows that I watched on TV throughout our engagement. When we first viewed your demo, we couldn't believe how great it was. But, we were even more surprised when our own wedding video met the standards of the demo. (We assumed that, of course, you used your absolute best video for the demo-not that that was your usual work.) The way that you artfully matched the music with the photos and videography and skillfully cut between cameras was just incredible, and perfectly captured the day. Thanks again. We will recommend you to anyone we know who is getting married.
Eve and Darin

Thank you so much for the beautiful job on our video. Everyone who has watched it thinks it is wonderful! Dave and I love to watch it over and over. You captured the excitement and fun of the day perfectly. Thank you-Thank you- Thank you! We'll be sending all the business we can your way. Please feel free to use us as a reference if you ever need to! Thanks again.
Lisa and David

I can't stop watching the video - or stop crying either! You have captured every significant moment of our family's most important day! We are still trying to figure out how you did it ?! Did you have a twin or just the unique ability to be everywhere at once?! The gorgeous way you captured the most subtle things - the mother's hankie, the ring bearer tugging at his tight tuxedo neck, tears glistening in proud eyes, gentle kisses. Your music selection could not have been more perfect for each section of photos. I've watched it more times than I care to admit - Larry is about ready to kill me! I've got to stop crying - my cheeks are so red and chapped from wiping away my tears! The kids and Katie's family could not have been more pleased! They are all just in awe of your beautiful work!! Smart move buddy - we still have FIVE daughters to marry off!! My guess is you will surely be hearing from us again when the next bride is ready to say, "I do!" You definitely have a gift! The Czelatdko and Engel families thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We all felt like we relived the day in all of it's magnificent glory through your beautiful video -you could not have picked a more perfect name for your video company than "Remember the Feeling!" because that is exactly what your tape did- helped us all fell the happiness and tears of our special day! We will forever be grateful!
Katie and Daniel

Thank you so much - the video is beautiful! It is everything that we hoped it would be and more. You captured such wonderful moments and put them together masterfully. It is a video that we will watch again and again. The music you selected for each segment - whether it was something from the wedding, something I suggested, or a piece you chose on your own - was perfect throughout. We especially enjoyed the credits at the end. What an amusing touch! You truly have an artistic eye for the tender side-moments - the children, the nervous preparations, the laughter and the tears. The way you combine motion and stillness in the final copy is beautiful. Thank you for capturing the most special day of my life so well.
Don and Lauri

Thank you so much for our beautiful video. I wanted you to know that you really did a great job!! My friends and I got together and watched it one night. Those who had gotten married and had their own videos remarked that mine was much better than theirs. In fact, they said it was the best they had ever seen. You do a great job!!
Jason and Pamela Sorci

It is now easy for me to understand the artistic wonder your videos portray...it is a reflection of you...your warm bright smile and friendliness and your unsinkable energy during a very long day. It was a true pleasure to have you with us and the finished product is incredible. I'll surely tell everyone I know about you and your fantastic talent.
J.J. and Kathy

Thank you so much! The video is so wonderful! Every time we watch it we cry and laugh. You did an outstanding job!
Augie and Katy Pabst

Outstanding work! Lisa and I were so pleased with the finished product. We both agreed it was the best video we'd ever seen, and it was the best money we spent on the wedding. Thanks a million.
David and Lisa

We got the video today and we just got done watching it. I had to tell you how absolutely wonderful it is. I still can't describe quite how it makes me feel, but I have stopped crying now! It is absolutely wonderful and so amazing. Thank you so much.
Tanya and Mark

We want you to know just how wonderful you have been with us this past year. You have been professional, personable and flexible. We know our video had a taller vision to it but you rose to meet it and we couldn't be happier. Our sincerest thanks.
Jerry and Diane

I want to thank you for an excellent job on my daughter's wedding video. It came out beautifully. Everyone loved it. Joe, you were an excellent addition to the wedding. You were thorough and not intrusive at anytime. Most times we didn't know you were there. Your company will be highly recommended by us.
Kathy and Dan

Thank you so so much for the video. It is truly, truly beautiful. We literally cried all the way through it. We are so excited to share our wedding video with everyone in Germany. That was a great surprise - we never expected to receive the tape before the holidays. You really did an incredible job - it completely captured the day as we remembered it - along with some nice extras. We are really happy with it. It was great having you there on our wedding day. Thank you again for your hard work.
Melissa and Peter

Abe and I just wanted to say thank you so very much for the amazing job you did on our wedding video. I still can¹t watch it without getting teary eyed. It¹s just so beautiful. And believe me, we¹ve watched it so many times! All of my friends that see it can¹t believe how wonderful it is. We¹ve gotten so many compliments! Thank you again for giving us such a wonderful way to remember that special day in our lives. We will treasure it always. P.S. We had a boy!
Abe and Julie

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