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Wedding Day Coverage
High-definition, artistic, comprehensive, multi-camera coverage. Add to your chosen coverage option one or more of the Event-Day Options or Editing Options below.

1 Unlimited
Coverage of your entire day-no time limits...$1495

2 Hourly
The same coverage with limited time ...$200 per hour *

  * Four hour minimum. Hours are consecutive.

Event-Day Options
SAME-DAY EDIT / RECEPTION PREMIERE  Amaze your guests! Highlights of the preparation and ceremony premiered at your reception. Includes large-screen projection .... $995
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PHOTO RETROSPECTIVE   Images from the early years set to music ... $5 per image           Sample 1»      Sample 2»

Editing Options
1  FEATURETTE  All of the most memorable moments from your wedding day woven into a dynamic, emotional story in the perfect-to-share length of 8-12 minutes. Includes a Featurette web page and 3 DVD and HD Bluray discs with full reception speeches added as a bonus ... $1195
Sample 1»      Sample 2»      Sample 3»      Sample 4»

2  DOCUMENTARY   More like a "traditional" wedding video, the Documentary is all the day's moments edited in the order they occurred. Length can be 1-2 hours and depends on the length of the ceremony, toasts and peripheral activities. Includes 3 DVD and HD/Bluray discs ... $995

 All unedited content on standard definition DVD's, high definition Bluray discs and on an external hard drive, ready for editing by you or anyone you choose ... $295

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Coverage always includes:
Wedding cinematography by Joe Peregrine
A degree in Film Production and the experience of documenting over 600 events. No freelance shooters. No stringers.

Unobtrusive, comprehensive and artistic wedding day coverage
Special efforts are made to be as discreet as possible. An unobtrusive, low-profile style is always maintained and on-camera lights are never used. Advanced high-definition, widescreen cameras and innovative camera stabilizing techniques create subtle movement and a flattering, film-like image quality. Learn More»

Timeless editing style
Emphasizes the emotion of the event without the use of special effects that may become dated.

You have the Final Cut
View your Featurette privately before it goes live online and the DVD/Bluray are created. It isn't perfect until you say it is.

Convenient payment options
Payment is spread over a long period. Payment for editing is not due until the editing commences. Credit cards are accepted.

Archived for future generations
All of the original content along with a master of the DVD and Bluray are all safely stored.

Lifetime guarantee
DVD and Bluray discs as well as digital masters are guaranteed. Free replacement if either is lost or damaged.

Legacy coverage and editing options for existing clients: 
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