How can we reserve your services for our date?
Simply request a contract and one can be e-mailed to you. Included will be instructions for returning it and options for the retainer payment.

How is the retainer payment made?
The down payment is approximately 2/3rds of your chosen coverage cost and, along with the receipt of the signed contract, reserves the day. The remaining coverage cost is due by or on the day of the event. Payment options include a personal check or online with a credit card via PayPal or WePay:

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credit cards accepted


What does the coverage include?
Coverage for the event day is contracted and is either unlimited or limited hours. Possible locations other than the ceremony and reception sites include the salon before dressing, the place the girls and/or guys are getting ready, photo sessions, a 'first look' before the ceremony, photo sessions after the ceremony etc.


How is editing handled?
The payment for your chosen editing option is due when editing commences. Because of demand there is always editing from prior events to complete, so an estimate will be made as to when your edit will come up in the schedule. If it is estimated to take longer than you'd prefer I offer all the unedited footage with full rights. This can be edited by you, an editor you may know or by an editor I can recommend. (The way the day is captured, how comprehensive the coverage is and the contemporary style in which is shot, is the most influential aspect of what the final product will look like. If you like what the samples I present then suggesting them as a template to another skilled editor will result in a very similar result.)

Is it possible to get all of the footage that was captured?
Yes, and full rights are included, meaning that you, an editor you may know or an editor we can recommend can freely work with everything we capture. All the content comes in three formats:
DVD - Standard definition. Playable in a standard DVD player and most computers.
Bluray discs - High definition. Playable on standalone Bluray players, PlayStation consoles and some computers.
Portable USB Hard Drive - All the original camera files and audio recordings. Formatted in Mac/HFS+ or PC/NTFS.Learn More.

Can we select music for you to use in the editing process?
In most cases, yes, but under some conditions there are restrictions against presenting edited pieces which contain music under copyright publicly on the internet. Wedding Films has invested in the rights to a contemporary music library for legal use all its productions.

Can we have special photos, slides or home video edited into our wedding video?
Yes! See the "Photo Retrospective" details. The Retrospective can be ready before the wedding day if desired. You can also produce the retrospective yourself and provide it for presentation at the reception along with a Same-Day Edit and/or inclusion in your edited Documentary or Featurette.


Are you and your equipment inconspicuous when you are shooting?
Most couples remark that they didn't notice I was there and are surprised by the extensive coverage.

Do you use lighting?
Lights are never used during the ceremony, the preparation or post-ceremony activities. It may be necessary to use lighting during the reception because of the low available light in most halls, but special consideration is given to maintaining the lighting ambiance you’ve chosen. Lighting is discreet, only used for special activities and never on the camera at eye-level.

Do you have back-ups in case of equipment malfunctions?
All on-site equipment has a back-up so that any gear malfunctioning on the job can be replaced without interruption.

Is your equipment professional and up to date?
All cameras used are small, unobtrusive and record in a wide-screen, high-definition format.

Will you be professional in your appearance?
Always. You can only expect a class act, both in demeanor and dress.

Do you record other activities that are not held at the ceremony and reception locations?
Yes! Coverage at homes or gathering places before the ceremony or between the ceremony and reception are often where many of the most memorable events occur.

Do you interview guests at the reception?
If interviews are not requested they will not be done. All efforts are made to be as inconspicuous as possible.

How have you been trained?
I learned my basic skills while earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film and Video Production from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, completed in 1989. By 1996 the company had grown into a full time business.

Have you won any videography awards?
In 2006 Wedding Films/Joel Peregrine was honored to be chosen as one of the EventDV 25. This award is designed specifically for videographers who are exerting a profound influence on the field right now.

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